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Thorns (G/t) Chapter 3
At that statement, my struggling became intense again. I trashed and squirmed away from him and away from this whole horrible situation, but it only made him grin, raising an eyebrow again with that chillingly amused expression plastered on his face.
He simply smiled watched me for several moments, dangling there helplessly between his two fingers until exhaustion over took me. How was all of this even possible? Just an hour ago I would've never dreamed of giant people existing, especially getting kidnapped by one. This couldn’t be real. It’s not logical!
Anger suddenly swelled up inside of me, swirled up in crippling fear, and I met his eyes and spat at him.
"You realize this is practically kidnapping right? I'm a person, I have rights. I have a home and a dad and sister. Please, let me go."
The smile never lifted from his face.  
In one swift movement, he stood up, the air around me rushing at his past and my head felt woozy. I quickly found myse
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Chibis for PL1 :iconkindii:Kindii 13 20 Living Dolls Ask - Escape :icondonnyanne:DonnyAnne 15 4
An Unlikely Friendship: Chapter 5
Axel laid awake in the still darkness for hours, unable to sleep at all.  His mind was wracked with the events of what had transpired over the past three days, replaying them over and over in his mind, and yet he still couldn’t figure out how he ended up in possession of a human child who was now sleeping soundly right beside him.  What had he been thinking?!  Why hadn’t he just eaten her when he first found her in his home?!  After all, she was a human, and he detested humans more than anything.  The last time he’d seen one before this was many years ago, and ever since then, he’d been waiting to encounter one again so that he could kill it.  Slaughter it without mercy and make it just another worthless meal for himself.  That, in fact, was exactly what he planned to do the moment he smelled the child’s human scent when he returned to his home three nights ago, and he was excited to do so.  But he wasn’t expec
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An Unlikely Friendship: Chapter 4
It was just about sunset by the time Cooney made her way back to the forbidden forest.  Thankfully, she’d managed to scrounge up some berries from the bushes outside her village, which she’d immediately filled her pockets to the brim with and had been munching on all day as she walked, though she’d eaten them all by mid-afternoon.  Now that she was back though, she figured she’d better start making a plan.  First things first though, she was hungry again.  As she came upon a babbling creek that was flowing through the forest, she stopped and crouched down to take a drink, enjoying the feeling of the cool, fresh tasting water running down her dry throat.  As she looked down into the crystal-clear water, she was excited to see that it was teeming with giant fish.  ‘Maybe I can catch one of them and roast it up for dinner!’ Cooney thought to herself, and her mouth began watering at the thought.  But how would she manag
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An Unlikely Friendship: Chapter 3
After she’d eaten three and a half bowling-ball sized grapes, Cooney discovered she was full for the first time ever in her life.  She sat for a moment to enjoy the feeling and savoring the sweet taste that still lingered in her mouth.  It was only then that she realized how dark it was and the forest was suddenly alive with strange sounds of creatures that she preferred not to discover the identity of.  At first, she thought she should find a place to take shelter and rest for the night, but after what had happened last night, she thought better of it and decided that since she was about halfway home, she should just walk through the night and hopefully reach the village by dawn.  With that in mind, she grabbed a pointed stick from the ground and sharpened it as best she could against a rock.  At least if she encountered any of the monsters the snake-giant had spoken of, she could try to defend herself.  With that in mind, she set off into the night
:iconrosebud91291:Rosebud91291 7 0
An Unlikely Friendship: Chapter 1
“Just keep running!” Cooney said to herself as she sprinted through the darkness.  Her lungs were burning and her legs were sore, but she could still hear the sound of the distant screams of terror from her village as the armed raiders continued their attack on the inn. She heard the clanking of their metal swords and smell the hot smoke of their fire that billowed out through the various streets and buildings that she’d called home for the past seven years.  It had all happened so quickly. The troop of strangers appearing and approaching the inn at center of town, the immediate slaughter of the innkeeper with the single slash of a sword as he tried to approach them, the all-out chaos and bloodshed that ensured afterwards.  Some people tried to fight back, some tried hide in the safety of their homes, but being an orphan who’d lived on the streets the entirety of her short life, Cooney had only one instinct, one she was quite good at, and that was
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An Unlikely Friendship: Chapter 2
In spite of everything the snake-giant had said, Cooney found the journey through the forest to be relatively pleasant, much to her surprise.  The trees and plants were much larger, yes, but so were the flowers and birds, which she found quite beautiful not just for their size, but the fact that they were in shapes and color combinations that she had never seen before.  She also noticed that the sun was shining brightly and the forest was lush and green; completely pristine due to being untouched by human hands for so many decades.  It was mesmerizing and she skipped along with a playful spring in her step.  “This will be no problem!  I must be nearly hallway home already!” she said to herself, scoffing as she reflected on the snake-giant’s threatening words.  If there were any other beasts out here, they were extremely elusive today.
Cooney’s hope and joy was interrupted after several hours, however, by a literally gut-wrenching re
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I'm Not A Monster :icondezu-the-shaman:Dezu-the-Shaman 29 14
Gulliver's Travels: The Story of Yoh
       Travis, the head of England Trades, was sitting at his desk in his office filling out the reports of the latest trade to Spain, when all of a sudden his carrier, Marcus, came bursting through his front door.
       "Sir Travis! Sir Travis!" he cried.
       Travis stood up from his seat.  "Marcus?"
       "I'm sorry to interrupt so abruptly, but this urgent telegram has just come in to you from France!"  Marcus handed Travis the small envelope with France's red Trading seal in wax.
       Taking the urgent envelope and opening it slowly, as to not show any panic or worry, Travis soon found out why the matter was so urgent.
       "Pierre has passed on!  My trader in fine arts is now dead?  It says here that "if no heir is found or a replacement for the head of the France Trading Division in a month's time, then
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